Second First Choice

Second First Choice





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You know whenever hubby would suggest to go somewhere safe, like Europe or Asia, we would always end up in more exotic and ambitious places like working with disadvantaged children in Zambia or running up and down a foreign city with another gorgeous bunch of children in Oaxaca, trying to empower them through photography, or I would be off living with  nuns at  the edge of Ethiopia and Eritrea documenting life affected by every adversity.  You can tell I miss it, gosh I do miss it so much!  This was before our daughter of course as I wouldn’t even dream of taking her on those journeys with me … until she’s older.  Alright you’ve caught me out again, I have dreamt of doing so but I have exerted self restraint! Lots of it!

So, for the past 3 years, we have been doing lots of Europe.  I swoon at the thought of travel, experiencing new cultures, walking every nook and cranny of a foreign town, tasting new foods  (which is a bit difficult to find since we get them all in Australia) … I just love being away and doing all that.  Whilst Europe is so accessible and practically inhabited by tourists, I love it for its passion, its beauty and its amazingly rich history.

First stop, Portofino.  Driving through the colourful towns of  Rapollo and Santa Margherita towards Portofino, my excitement soared by the second.  I’ve seen so many amazing pictures of Portofino, I couldn’t wait to see it all for myself.  That said, sometimes I wish I wasn’t able to access those images as it would be a wonderful surprise to see these dramatic hilltop villages for the very first time.  Still, what a picture perfect little town.  A small village set on the water, full of restaurants and shops, framed by a castle at the top of the hill.  Oh wait did I just say shops … yes I did.  I wandered into every shop possible whilst hubby and Kalani tried to keep up, her sweet little voice trailing behind me.

Here are some pics that hubby took on the day.  A little secret between you and I … I was so shy having my photos taken with a million tourists around that I completely forgot to change my shoes.  So if you can picture a pair of white Valentinos with black rock studs …