Je T’aime Paris, Je T’aime Jakob Schlaepfer

Je T'aime Paris, Je T'aime Jakob Schlaepfer

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 © Liz Loh-Taylor
Bespoke Outfit designed by Yours Truly
Fabric designed by Jakob Schlaepfer
Fabric from Alla Moda Fabrics
Hat by The Essential Hat
Shoes by Gianvitto Rossi

I distinctly remember the day I found this amazing fabric.  We drove up Ann Street, around the block and back again, several times in fact!  Finally, I spotted the words Alla Moda!  In I went, talking at a million miles an hour as I realised I only had about an hour and a bit to shop before I had to get to the airport!  I promised myself to just look at the fabrics that jumped out at me but I got stuck perusing each and every roll of fabric, over and over, until I came across this fantabulous piece  by Jakob Schlaepfer.  For those who haven’t heard of Jakob Schlaepfer, it is a 104 year old textile company whose fabrics are used by the likes of Louis Vuitton, Valentino, Miu Miu, Prada and the like.  Their work is innovative, inspiring, exclusive, beautiful and absolutely to die for.  I must add, this was only one of the many amazing fabrics in the store, however the one that stole my heart.  The appliqué of meticulously sized discs makes this beautiful blush coloured bouclé even more special.  I knew exactly what I would have made and where I would have the photoshoot.

Before that however, I had one door to knock on! Catherine’s at the Essential Hat!  I had a vision of a matching hat, something to take us back in time a little but to still retain modernity.  We went through a bunch of possibilities, a wild melbourne cup-like hat incorporating feathers and god knows what, a mini top hat, a boater … but I just couldn’t help myself with something more classic in this instance.  If only we still wore hats today …

It was Autumn in Paris.  We strolled along the Seine.  “Mummy, Daddy, the Eiffel Tower is following us”  my daughter would exclaim!   It was just serene. I wonder to myself often, “the Eiffel really is only a wrought iron structure, why is it that every time we’re back, it just makes me swoon like lovers do when their eyes meet?!”  The slight chill in the air, the collection of leaves on the sidewalks that shushed as tourists rustled through, the bustling cafes, and the Eiffel following us, what an extraordinary sight to behold.  For a moment under the lattice, I ponder about the history of it all, those who constructed it, the number of lovers who kissed under this eternal mistletoe … I ponder about love.

Je T’aime Paris.