Date Night

Date Night








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 Intercontinental Hotel The Rialto
LLT wearing:
Diane von Furstenburg Maxi Dress & Louis Vuitton Booties in Suite
Hervé Léger Bodycon Dress & Valentino Rocketed Pumps in rest of Totel
Ryan Storer Ear Cuffs

Hubby and I try to plan our date nights.  God knows if we don’t, it’ll hardly happen.  We have our family date nights on Fridays with our little one and plan for a childless date once or twice a month… which doesn’t always eventuate.  So here we were on our much anticipated night.  I had a bag full of shoes and accessories and a clothes bag full of beautiful dresses that I was trying very hard not to crease, camera slung across my body.  Hubby lugged two big tripods under each arm whilst balancing a bag of studio lighting by the tip of his fingers!  We’re on our ‘Date Night’ shoot at the Intercontinental Rialto!

Birrarung Marr.  Room 402.  Here we are!  “Wow” was the only word that came out of both of us.  Birrarung Marr is one of three iconic suites in the Intercontinental Hotel Rialto and wow is still the thought that comes to mind as I type.  I wish I hadn’t told the hotel that we weren’t staying and were going back to our baby girl!  Champagne was a needed vice even though we had the company of camera equipment and bright lighting shining right at me!  I’m very lucky hubby has a good eye.   We work really well together and always have tonnes of fun during our photo shoots.  Secretly, I think he would rather photograph me all his life than work in finance (not) … but that’s just me :)

I chose a gorgeous Diane von Furstenburg maxi dress which I’ve been eyeing off since fashion week.  I feel maxi dresses always impart that notion of romance, which was perfect for the occassion.  I then changed into a sexier Hervé Léger bodycon dress which I’ve had since I was pregnant.  I still remember distinctly… I was 5 months pregnant and my bump just was not showing!  I thought a bodycon dress would fix that problem and it did!

 Thanks again Intercontinental Rialto for having us.  We’ve had a ball.  Before we finish up, there is just one emblematic part of the hotel we would like to share in a few weeks.  For now if you can picture an iconic photo shoot from the 1960s brought back to live in a very iconic part of Melbourne.  There’s where I’ll leave it … till then.

xox LLT

Styling & Creative by LLT
Photography by Sam Taylor & LLT 


  1. Love the photos……. You look gorgeous in yellow and love how it all works together. Did you see the room before your choice of dress? I love how the colours work together, they compliment each other, you and the room. I hope the hotel loves these shots.
    Equally love the other shots of you and your date. Love that little dress, it looks fabulous as does the hotel……..

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