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© Copyright Our Stiletto Lives
Leather Skirt: LLT
Signature Winter Hat: The Essential Hat (Discount Code: THANKS)
Couturier: Julianne Jonas
Location: Canberra Black Truffles


I have written and re-written this post, trying to focus on fashion but I’m inadvertently getting distracted by this little chunk of black gold!

When I was 8 months pregnant and forbidden to fly, I managed to track down a truffle farm in Victoria and convinced the owner to hold a truffle hunt just for me!  He agreed and he and I waddled around the farm for about 8 hours, digging and sniffing dirt for traces of a black something that doesn’t look at all attractive but smells just out of this world!  Like completley out of this world, well at least for me.  My family and friends thought I’d gone “coo coo” but that’s not a new phenomena!

Recently my girlfriend asked if I would like to go on a truffle hunt in Canberra… oh my god… why would I not!  And yes fashion does come into play here.  I immediately got my dressmaker onto a new project.  I pushed every other project back and came up with a design to suit the ruggardness and colours of this amazing trufferie in Canberra!  It had to be leather of course as this is my challenge for the season.

“Brace for the biggest cold snap in 15 years”, was the heading that hit the papers on the day of our flight!   BIGGEST COLD SNAP IN MORE THAN A DECADE was all that we heard on the news!  I spoke to gorgeous Jayson, the manager of the farm, who said they were expecting 90% chance of rain and crazy winds!  Oh my god!  I’d designed a leather midi skirt, in a gorgeous shade of cognac but what on earth was I going to wear with it so I didn’t freeze to death?!  A beanie … no not a beanie …  it doesn’t quite go with the outfit.  This is where Catherine from The Essential Hat in Prahran came to my rescue!  “Here, you must try our latest winter hat” she said and packed it in a hat box for me.  By the way you’ll get a $30 discount off these amazing winter hats that come in some gorgeous shades by entering the code: THANKS on The Essential hat website.  I found a gorgeous fur stole that I bought from a vintage sale a while ago that I thought would add a bit of warmth and the rest of the outfit worked itself out.

I was beyond excited when we got there!  When I then met Winnie and Piglet, their two truffle pigs, I’d completely forgotten about the cold!  “Can you control the pigs? I asked Jayson.  “Where do you want them? Just remember once you’ve decided on the spot you can’t change your mind as it’ll be hard to get them to move!”.  We decided on a spot for the photo shoot and not long after that we saw Jayson coming up the hill, clanking a tin bucket and calling out. “Win Win Win Win Win….!”  Then one very big piggy came galloping up the hill, her oversized floppy ears just covering her beady eyes, and she didn’t look like she was going to stop!  The other, just as big, was not far behind!  They both came to a snorting halt in front of Jayson, who was right next to me!  My eyes nearly popped out of their sockets as I completely froze!  Not because of the cold but out of fear that I was going to be bulldozed by 240kg worth of piggies!  Fortunately food was all they cared about.  We took full advantage and carried on with our shoot, which we kept short and sweet.  More time for enjoying these divine chunks of black gold!  And of course not forgetting an amazing 3-course truffle dinner hosted by Crowne Plaza Canberra.  Mmmmm…..

 A special thank you to Sherry & Jayson at Canberra Black Truffles for letting me photograph on your amazing property.
And a big thank you to Daph Soh @ Crowne Plaza Canberra for making this happen and for the very delicious food experience all weekend!

xox LLT

Creative & Styling: LLT
Photography: LLT & Sam Taylor (My gorgeous hubby)


  1. Oh Lizzie! How I love these photos……Love setting, so appropriate, love your leather skirt, boots, fur and so loved your choice of winter hat, ( couldn’t see you in a ‘beanie’) but then again anything your wear on your head looks amazing!!!! But do love your way of putting it all together… Your leather skirt looks so simple and so divine.
    Did you know pigs are my favourite animal?

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