The Cheetah Project_12

Liz was in finance for 11 years during which I fell in love with everything about Africa and decided to embark on a humanitarian path.  That has taken me to many parts of our globe including Uganda, Zambia, Ethiopia, South Africa, Pakistan India … just to name a few.  Photography, a trait that runs in the blood, entered the equation whilst I was trying to share the stories of the amazing people I’d met.  The inevitable happened.  My biological clock went ‘knock knock’ and our little girl entered into our lives!  I thought about dragging her across the earth with me but logic prevailed.  This was how the blog came to be.  I’ve always been a little vain I must admit.  Combining my sartorial love, my love of photography and prose and my need for a creative outlet , I would love to share with you my bespoke projects, my naughty purchases and a little about me.