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Winter has arrived and as with the arrival of each new season, we release a new collection of images for our homepage.  We take pleasure introducing to you, Apollo and Alice!  These two stars of our winter shoot were amazing to work with, such regal, but affectionate animals – we were a bit smitten!!

Many people cringe at the thought of winter, but for us at Our Stiletto Lives, it’s about a change in styles, designs and embracing layers and jackets! As the saying goes, “There’s no such thing as cold weather, just inappropriate dressing!”  Or not … after you’ve been dragged around in heels for a couple of hours …

With that in mind, we see a change in season as a challenge in design, to create and source new outfits that are still stylish and practical (well to some extent).

In the coming months you’ll see us feature lots of wool, more leather, a special fitness wear feature, a fun project using tartan, some out of this world collaborations and more!  We are also working to bring you a new segment where we’ll help you take everyday wear to a new level with ease and style.  More will be revealed soon!  As always we will feature our bespoke projects and best ready to wear finds in our weekly posts.

There’s so much in the pipeline, we can’t wait to share it all with you. Thank you for your continued support.

Special thanks to Cecilia, Carl, Apollo and Alice from CC Dalmatians for your time and for helping to make this shoot one of our best yet!

Hanna & Liz


  1. Beautiful shoot! Combo of stripes and dots and those beautiful dogs, just amazing! Well done girls!

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