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Leather Dress: LLT
Shoes: Louis Vuitton
Handbag: Dolce & Gabbana

Where have the days and months gone this year?!  I can’t believe we’re already a month into winter and before long, spring and summer will arrive!  My theory for the rapid disappearance of the year is the fact that I look forward to our every single photo shoot, writing every post, and relishing every post go live!  July is just filled with more of that and some very exciting collaborations that we’re dying to share with you!  *Hint*… intriguing history and architecture, good food and a much needed date night … Sorry I digress … back to this week’s post.

This week, I continue with my leather fetish, bringing you a dress with interchangeable cuffs.  I’ve set myself two challanges: 1) to combine leather with another material; 2)  to design my pieces so I can wear them in more than one way.  I quite like that as the variety makes me feel as though I’ve got 3 instead of 1 outfit!

In my previous post, I designed a top that could be worn as a crop or peplum.  For this post, I’ve designed a dress with detacheable cuffs – traditional sleeves with 4 covered buttons, a wider leather cuff with heavy top stitching to ooze a military look, and lastly a fur cuff to add that bit of feminity to a rather “heavy” piece.  To add some more funk to this piece, I went with a super fun lining.

It is such a surreal feeling to watch something that I’ve conjured up in my head come to life.  From the toile to the actual fabric, each fitting feels like a little ‘jack in the box’ which I look forward to with immense anticipation, a little magic come to life.

 xox LLT

Creative, Styling & Photography: LLT & Hanna


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