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Bodysuit & Tights: Wolford
Skirt: Gucci
Boots: Christian Louboutin
Handbag: Chanel

For years I’ve been a black on black girl, especially through winter.  Black jumper, dark jeans, black jacket or coat, black boots.  I found so much comfort in black and seriously, how easy is it to throw on??  I’m sure I have some advocates here!  BUT, I found the courage to boycott black!  When I had my baby girl (for some strange reason) and when I met Hanna!  So other than an expensive staple like a leather jacket, I actually started buying clothes and shoes that were not black!  At one point not too long ago, I actually struggled to find a pair of black shoes in my wardrobe! You heard right!

Before you decide that I have lost my marbles, the lack of staple blacks did jolt me into action!  So black is back!  With a touch of colour to give any outfit that special zing, to make it feel as though I’ve actually put some effort into working out what I’m wearing rather than just popping on any blacks in my wardrobe.

My wardrobe staples this winter is made up of the perfect black bodysuit and tights from Wolford.  I’ve always loved bodysuits.  I tuck my clothes in more often than not and a bodysuit to me means a much neater finish, saving me from looking dishevelled when the back of my blouse “untucks” itself.  Now having a 2-year-old, bodysuits are almost a necessity as it means my outfit isn’t going to unravel every time I pick  my daughter up, which is very often of late!  There has been a lot of “uppies mum!!” in our household!

Yes I bought black boots!  Woo Hoo!  There was a bit of a roadblock in my head though which prevented me from buying a stock standard pair!  So I got a lace up, knee high and absolutely delectable pair of Louboutins!  Who in their right minds could resist a pair of Loubies anyhow??

Finally that dash of colour … I’ve always bought clothes that would last me if I chanced upon it again in my wardrobe in 10 years time.  Seriously, I have pieces that 10-15 years ago that I still completely love and wear. I’ve never been one to spend up on a fad.  Hence, that dash of colour had to be one that will last at least a decade!  It couldn’t have been better than a classic A-line I found at a Gucci sale I was invited to a couple of weeks ago!  Very opportune indeed as that completes my outfit!  It even matches the red under my Loubies!

xox LLT

Creative & Styling: LLT
Photography: Sam Taylor
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  1. BT sorted out my computer problems then I dragged him over for a look at your photos……We both love them, especially the one showing the photographer in the background, where did he learn such amazing skills !!!!!!!
    Always beautiful, beautiful girl, beautiful clothes, beautiful setting !!!!

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